Vault management

The changing nature of currency flow paired with the fixed cost of cash transport means banks often hold more vault cash than they need.

Avoid stocking out while meeting your daily currency demands at the teller window and ATMs with a vault management solution from CFG Security.

We provide end-to-end cash forecasting, cost optimisation, modelling and servicing to optimise your cash processing operations while reducing the cost of secure cash transport.

CFG Security has provided secure cash in transit services for more than eight decades.

As the leading provider of outsourced cash trading in Australia and Worldwide, we optimise cash vault holdings for most major banks.

Build an end-to-end vault management solution to optimise your currency supply chain.

Wholesale cash management, forecasting & trading

As the leading provider of outsourced cash trading in Australia and Worldwide, CFG Security optimises cash vault holdings for major banks and financial institutions.

Cash trading

Our currency traders use our purpose-built inhouse solution, ArmVault, to forecast cash levels at all Armaguard cash centres and buy and sell cash from other banks. This ensures optimal vault holdings across all cash centres at the least cost.

Settlement of trades

We ensure all normal trades are completed and settled by 4pm, and emergency trades completed and settled by 3pm on each business day. Our customers receive daily Reserve Bank information and a transfer system (RITS) report, along with other reports they need.

Optimise cash holdings

Our currency traders use ArmVault to identify the most applicable cash forecast, which is particularly helpful for peak periods, holidays and major events. We monitor all standing orders and adjust as required.


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