Secure Transport

Armoured transport

Our armoured transport services are provided by uniformed personnel with transportation in an armoured vehicle. This service is suitable for high volumes of cash and valuables.

Precious cargo

We respect the care you take to secure your valuable cargo. So when it’s time to be moved, we go above and beyond to collect, handle, transport, store and deliver your precious goods in the best possible way.

Cash delivery and supply

We provide change delivery and supply seven days per week, on an ongoing basis or for temporary standalone events and functions. Choose exactly what you need, from bagged or wrapped coins to notes in various denominations. You can even place your orders online via our secure online portal.

Cash collection and processing

Reduce risk and human error. We collect cash from your premises and transport it to our secure cash processing facilities for counting. The value is then transferred to your bank account. Talk to us about a range of reconciliation and settlement options. You can even order your cash collection service online.

Secure banking and recarry services

Protect your staff by trusting your banking to CFG Security. We collect cash from your premises and transport it to your bank or financial institution. You can book extra pickups, cancel a service and submit change orders online.

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  • 6701 Democracy Blvd, Suite 300, USA