Cash in transit

Move your cash securely without risking the safety of your staff.

Whether you’re a small business or a large organisation, the supply, collection and processing of cash requires secure transport by people you can trust.

With a reputation built on safety and security, CFG Security has provided cash in transit (CIT) services for major banks, retailers and organisations for more than 82 years.

Our highly trained and qualified security personnel manage cash at hundreds of cash points each day, including bank branches, ATMs, large retailers, parking meters, ticketing machines and more.

Depending on your location and the amount of cash you need handled, you can choose from fully armoured transport, or guarding services.

Our unmatched currency logistics footprint and state-of-the-art facilities allow us to service every city, town and suburb across Australia and Worldwide every day. Transport your cash safely and securely with CFG Security.


Cash delivery and supply

We provide change delivery and supply seven days per week, on an ongoing basis or for temporary standalone events and functions. Choose exactly what you need, from bagged or wrapped coins to notes in various denominations. You can even place your orders online via our secure online portal.


Cash collection and processing

Reduce risk and human error. We collect cash from your premises and transport it to our secure cash processing facilities for counting. The value is then transferred to your bank account. Talk to us about a range of reconciliation and settlement options. You can even order your cash collection service online.


Secure banking and recarry services

Protect your staff by trusting your banking to CFG Security. We collect cash from your premises and transport it to your bank or financial institution. You can book extra pickups, cancel a service and submit change orders online.


Armoured transport services nz

For large volumes of cash, you need the protection of highly visible armoured services. Our clearly armoured vehicles are built specifically to transport cash, and are driven by uniformed, trained personnel.


Discreet collection, delivery and guarding services

CFG Security’s transport service Point2Point Secure provides a range of discreet security, collection, delivery and guarding services. A cost-effective solution for lower value cash movements without sacrificing security, quality or efficiency. Services include security guards, banking services, guarded transport of goods, security advisory and monitoring of security systems and alarms.

ATM cash provision and replenishment

Match customer demand with cash on hand. Our forecasting analysts use the latest currency modelling technology to track the usage of all types of ATMs, and use this data to deliver cash to your ATMs when you need it. We perform end-of-day settlement, consumable replacement and even light cleaning. We partner with major banks to ensure a full ATM funding and replenishment service.

ACM Online

Save time by placing collection and change orders online.

Place, edit and cancel collection and change orders online via CFG Security’s secure customer access portal. A range of access levels allows you to set limits and maintain control by site or region, with advanced reporting for visibility over your entire operation. Order CIT stationery, track orders and more.

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