Cash handling automation and safes

How much time do your staff spend handling, reconciling and banking cash?

From depositing, counting and securing cash to balancing the teller drawer after a long day with customers, your bank tellers perform a range of manual tasks each day.

As leaders in secure currency supply chain and technology solutions, CFG Security brings a wealth of knowledge to help banks automate manual cash handling tasks and introduce smarter, more secure ways of working.

We partner with world-leading manufacturers of cash handling technology, giving you access to a wide range of intelligent devices to suit small businesses through to multi-national organisations.

Whether you operate a single store or a large chain, we’ll help you build an end-to-end currency management solution that makes cash work for you.

Banknote and coin recycling systems

Authenticate incoming bank notes and store cash in an internal vault, then redraw it when you need it. A coin and banknote recycler integrates with your teller transaction software to manage incoming cash, track cashflow and reduce the risks and cost of handling cash.

Coin roll and note dispensers

Fast and efficient deposit, dispensing and exchange of coins and notes of all denominations. With a user-friendly interface and compact design, automated coin roll and note dispensers help you cut the time staff spend handling cash so they can focus on customers.

Deposit bag kiosk

Faster, more convenient banking for business customers. Customers or couriers simply scan their deposit bag at the in-branch kiosk, take a receipt, drop the bag in a chute and go.

Change float systems

Do your staff need access to pre-packaged or loose change floats? A change float system can secure and dispense floats to authorised users when needed. Configured to your specific requirements with dispense only and cash recycling options. Talk to us today to determine your best solution.

Universal coin bin

Counting large volumes of coins? Universal coin bins eliminate human error and make quick work of sorting and counting coins of all denominations. And they’re built strong to work all day. We’ll help you choose an automated coin counting solution that’s right for you.

Deposit safes

A great way to collect and secure cash in a retail environment, deposit safes allow staff to deposit cash, money bags, envelopes and deposit capsules, with restricted access to open it. Choose from robust under the counter safes, deposit chute safes, drawer safes, time delay safes and cash management safes – we’ll work with you to identify the best option for your business.

Traditional 2 key safes

2 key safes are designed to keep your cash, valuables and staff secure. You keep one key and we keep the other. Dual key control means access to safe contents is not possible unless an Armaguard crew member is present with your second key. Talk to us about a range of options.

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