Give your customers access to cash when they need it at less cost to you.

With more than 80 years’ experience protecting cash and precious goods for major banks and organisations, CFG Security is a leading provider of ATM supply and management services. We provide cash forecasting services and maintenance support for thousands of cash points, including onsite and offsite ATMs, bank branches and other self-service devices for banks, financial institutions, ATM deployers and retailers.

  • Access to modern, efficient ATMs to make it easier for your customers to access their cash
  • 24×7 support and enhanced monitoring capabilities gives you market-leading ATM availability
  • Install ATMs quickly and efficiently with our ATM Deployment Solution
  • Understand how your ATMs work with full training and commissioning


We’ll work with you to provide the best ATM solution for your business backed by 24/7 support to ensure your ATMs are available when your customers need them.

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ATM hardware

We partner with world-leading suppliers of ATMs to offer the best ATM for your needs ranging from simple cash dispensing to multi-function deposit capabilities.

These ATMs can be available both indoor (lobby) and outdoor (TTW). Our team of experts will work with you to tailor an ATM cash management solution that complements your branch, mobile and internet banking channels.

ATM software

Along with the correct hardware, our ATM software is capable of delivering a range of transactions including:
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Cash deposit
  • PIN change
  • Account balance
  • Transfer
  • Multi-language options (so you can serve many of your customers in their preferred language)
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We continue to add new cutting-edge functionality to our ATMs and can work with you to develop a tailored solution.

Network implementation

Deploy your ATMs quickly and efficiently. Our proven end-to-end implementation solution ensures seamless deployment from procurement to go-live. We also provide training to ensure your staff understand the full functionality of your new devices.

Installation and commissioning

Whether you’re moving an ATM just a few metres or reinstalling it elsewhere, our technicians and support staff ensure your installation meets government and manufacturer standards and works as it should. We supply and install all types of indoor and outdoor ATMs, from simple models to full service multi-functional devices.

ATM cash management/forecasting

Match customer demand with cash on hand with our ATM currency forecasting and management services. Our forecasting analysts use the latest currency modelling technology to track the usage of every ATM in your fleet, using this data to optimise your cash transport schedule.


ATM cash supply and replenishment

CFG Security provides secure cash provision and replenishment services for all types of ATMs and self-service terminals. This includes end-of-day settlement, replacement of consumables and light cleaning. We partner with major banks to deliver a total ATM funding and replenishment service.

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ATM cash funding

We provide secure cash replenishment services for all types of ATMs and self-service terminals – from full function to smaller merchant units. This includes:
  • cash sourcing
  • funding of cash for ATMs and deposit devices
  • full accounting reconciliation for ATMs and deposit devices
  • management of cardholder dispute resolution.

We partner with major banks to deliver a total funding and replenishment service for ATM networks.



ATM storage and staging

From the moment you place your order, your ATMs are in good hands. Once received, we configure the ATM to your needs, store your devices in preparation for deployment, and after installation we perform thorough testing to ensure ATMs are fully operational.


We provide complete reconciliation and settlement options for a broad range of needs. This includes ATM cash supply, cash dispensed and residual/re-bank cash. All services are complemented by a comprehensive range of reports available via Armaguard Online.



ATM training

We provide full training to ensure your team members understand what your ATMs can do and how they work so they can be on hand to help your customers when they need it.

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Maintenance and repair

Transform the way you maintain ATMs and self-service devices

Whether you need basic support or a complete end-to-end maintenance solution, we provide a range of support options for your ATMs and self-service devices to reduce the time and cost of maintenance.

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