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Do we still think pivot is a dirty word?

The term ‘pivot’ has been bandied around ad nauseum in 2020, but to its credit the businesses who made structured changes to their operating models (i.e. pivoted), have been surviving and even thriving in the unpredictability of this year.

From March, we have witnessed ‘pivots’ and adjustments across all industries and sectors, including the revision of staff operations, curfew and staged closure constraints, along with dramatically improved cleaning protocols.

Restaurants with strictly no-reservations previously touted as only for the rich, famous or those prepared to queue have swiftly adapted to dine at home solutions and virtual cooking classes, while entire corporate teams are now working at home and operating via online meetings.

Driven by multiple government backed and groundswell campaigns to ‘shop, buy and stay local’, suburban business and strip-mall shopping across the country has also benefitted unexpectedly from the behavioral changes of customers now predominantly working from home, remotely or on shifts. Cafes and corner stores benefitting from the sudden influx in the catering needs of the no-longer daily city commuters, consumers staying local and going direct to their neighbourhood fruit and veggie stores, chemists, bakers, florists and butchers.

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