Tailor an end-to-end solution

Whether you want to reduce risk, improve customer service, digitise cash handling or outsource your ATM network, partner with CFG Security to increase visibility, automation and productivity, with an unwavering focus on safety and security.

Build a solution that works for you

Reduce risk, improve customer service, boost efficiency and lower operating costs.

Supermarkets and department stores

Give your customers the option to pay with cash without the burden of cash handling for your staff.

Major banks and financial institutions

From secure cash transport to complete management of your ATM network, tailor an end-to-end cash management solution.

Retail, fast food, convenience and fuel

Streamline your cash management activities with an integrated cash management solution from the point of sale to your bank account.

Hospitality, clubs and gaming

Whether you operate a bar, a restaurant, a hotel or a gaming venue, improve customer service while reducing the time spent counting, tracking and storing cash.

Government and councils

Minimise the cost of managing cash in public places and eliminate safety risks to your staff. Tailor a cash management and maintenance solution today.

Mining and jewellery

Secure the protection of valuable cargo and controlled goods during export and import from the point of departure to arrival.

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