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ACM (CFG Security) enters partnership agreement with Australian start-up Touch Guard Pty Ltd to help protect the community with its High Touchantiviral technology.

ACM (CFG Security) has taken up the challenge to help protect against the surface spread of viruses, finalising a deal with nanotechnology distribution company Touch Guard Pty Ltd to introduce High Touch™ – a unique antiviral, antibacterial shield for a vast number of vulnerable high use community contact points like ATMs, self-service kiosks and devices.

The deal enables ACM to offer High Touch™ Antiviral Surface Protection technology solution to the banking, retail and convenience sectors for their high-use touch points.

“ACM has a proud history of protecting our communities.  Partnering with Touch Guard enables us to continue keeping our customers, their employees, and communities safe, and now we can help keep them healthy as well,” said Scott Forster, Executive GM, Group Transformation & International, CFG Security.

“Our High Touch antiviral film forms an additional line of defence against the spread of viral pathogens that live on surfaces in the community. Whilst nothing beats frequent hand washing with soap, it is reassuring to know a growing number of surfaces that we touch every day will now have High Touch™ Antiviral Surface Protection continuously destroying viruses and bacteria in between normal cleaning,” said Jon Burfurd, joint Managing Director of Touch Guard Pty Ltd.

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